3M Security Systems Division, a leading provider of innovative security solutions, is aggressively targeting the pharmaceutical Industry. The division intends to partner with customers to solve a wide range of security problems. Products for the pharma sector are Retro reflective technologies, Clear 2 Cyan, Confirm Floating Image technologies and TamperLabel.

The company's Security Systems division has been a market leader for over 35 years. It provides anti-counterfeit labelling solutions, security laminates, border control management systems and document authentication systems.

3MAnti-counterfeiting labelling product portfolio consists of world class patented technology platforms ranging from color shifting multilayer optical films to the latest "New to World" floating image technology a wide range of fragile films to customized delimitating tamper indicating labels.

The division combines multiple 3M technologies in material science and adhesive state-of-the-art equipment to provide customers with unique anti -counterfeiting solutions, he said.

According to the European Commission report, India tops in counterfeit medicines, followed by the United Arab Emirates and China. Together, the three countries account for more than 80 per cent of all counterfeit medicines. Out of the $50 billion pharma counterfeit market, 35 per cent of the detected cases of counterfeits originate from India. Indian pharma companies have made losses of around 4 to 5 per cent annually due to drug product counterfeiting.

The company's offering for the pharma sector which covers Retro reflective technologies, Clear 2 Cyan, Confirm Floating Image technologies and TamperLabel are available in the form of labels, rolls for online and offline application. These patented products involve complex technology which is impossible to copy and tamper with.

The 3M TamperLabel discourages tampering by displaying an easily identifiable and irreversible change with removal or alteration. These labels adapt to the packaging and separating them from the package becomes virtually impossible.

The Retroreflective authentication products, use holography and patented, proprietary retroreflective technology to deliver a secure, visually attractive solution. It combines authenticated overt and covert security features. The overt security is a unique, black hologram. The covert security utilizes retroreflective technology to reflect a secure covert image when illuminated with a focused light source.

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