AstraZeneca Pharma India has achieved impressive growth of 46.2 per cent in net profit during the second quarter ended June 2008 and its net profit touched to Rs 21.31 crore from Rs 14.58 crore in the similar period of last year.

The company's net sales increased to Rs 88.22 crore from Rs 78.22 crore. With strong growth in the bottom line, its earning per share reached at 8.52 as against RS 5.83 in the last period.

For the first half ended June 2008, its net profit increased by 32.7 per cent to Rs 32.45 crore from Rs 24.45 crore in the same period last year. Its net sales increased by 11 per cent to Rs 157.88 crore from Rs 142.29 crore. The healthcare sales increased by 1 per cent and its revenue from clinical trials services increased to Rs 8.92 crore from Rs 3.97 crore, a growth of 125 per cent.

AstraZeneca achieved net sales of Rs 297.31 crore during the full year ended December 2008 and its net profit stood at Rs 61.46 crore. The EPS worked out to Rs 24.58.