Avesthagen has signed a letter of intent with Paris-based ShigaMediX SAS for developing a novel therapeutic vaccine against HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), which causes cervical cancer.

Avesthagen is India's leading integrated systems biology platform company engaged in pharma and population genetics. It has a product pipeline botanical bioactives, derived from Indian medicinal plants and bio-similar drugs. The company has a partnership business model. It is associated itself with top 10 global companies in fields of research.

Researchers have found that Human Papilloma Virus accounts for an estimated 24% of India's cancer cases in women and approximately 130,000 new cases annually across the globe. Therapeutic vaccines are products that treat existing disease conditions and will be developed using ShigaMedix's Antigen Vector System technology. The system targets the antigen presenting dendritic cells through the coupling of Shiga Toxin and HPV 16 / E 7 complex. Recent studies on animals have shown it to be effective in clearing the HPV induced tumour cells.

A similar technology will be used to develop a STxB – TB vaccine. Avesthagen and ShigaMediX will co-develop this technology in both France and India through the Proof of Concept and would share the costs and rewards on an equal basis informed  Dr. Villoo Morawala-Patell, Founder and CMD, Avesthagen Ltd on signing the Letter of Intent.