Bafna PharmaBafna Pharmaceuticals,shall be focussing mainly on life-style products, the company chariman and managing director, Mahaveer Chand, disclosed, in an exclusive interview with

The company presently manufactures 126 formulations under various therapeutic segments such as, anti-infective, antihypertensive, cholesterol lowering agents, analgesic and antipyretic, anthelmintics, appetite stimulants, cough and cold preparations, antiulcerants, hypoglycemics and vitamins etc. The manufacturing facilities of the company are multi -adaptable that is the facilities can produce multiple products using a combination of process.

Describing the core strength of the company, Mahaveer said, “MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) approval for Bafna Pharmaceuticals (Q,N,C,F)* has opened gates for Bafna Pharma to market its products in the European market. This MHRA certification is the major strength and will act as a catalyst for the organization growth. Our undivided concentration is in the front of product development through FR&D. BAFNA has a modern pilot plant which meets the requirements of International quality standards. Our state of art facility coupled with our FR&D, we are determined to imprint a mark in the industry.“

When asked about their manufacturing units and if they approved, he said that the company has a WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility in Madhavaram, which is a 100% Export, oriented Unit (EOU). The state of art facility at Grantlyon, Chennai is accredited with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK This accreditation has made BAFNA Pharmaceuticals (the 35th facility to achieve this key recognition in India) has opened the gates for exploring markets of European Union. Apart from this, few innovator companies and few renowned European and Indian Companies have audited & approved this site for the contract manufacturing. Our plan to enter US will be within next 18 months.

While informing about the growth in the pharma industry, he said that, “While it is generally believed that pharma industry is recession proof, the fact of the matter is, people do cut down even on healthcare expenses when faced with economic crisis. Most Indian companies are therefore building a hybrid portfolio that is a presence in more than one sub segments-generics, NCE research, CRAMS, and domestic market, in order to diversify risks emerging from a single segment. This is certainly a good strategy forward. The vision of the Department of Pharmaceuticals is to enable Indian Pharmaceuticals industry to play a leading role in the global market and to ensure abundant availability, at reasonable prices within the country, of good quality pharmaceuticals of mass consumption.“

Talking about the R&D, he said that with advanced manufacturing equipment, testing instruments and process control facilities, the Formulation R&D center is equipped to manufacture new products from laboratory scale to validation batches. The Formulation R&D center has qualified and competent research scientists, who have developed many innovations in the manufacture of formulations, to meet the various requirements of the global market. The entire F R& D facility is designed and equipped to meet the stringent international standards. It will be operational by Q4.

Bafna Pharmaceuticals is likely to enter into a niche segments like immunosuppressant. Also they would like to expand from being present into antibiotics to drugs in the life style related illness.

“Currently, the revenues from domestic and exports are equally balanced. Going ahead we intent to penetrate deeper into the European market. We have already acquired six clients in Europe for contract manufacturing and have applied for seven variations. We also plan to introduce more our own branded products to Sri Lanka and other Asian countries,“ he added.