BioAlliance Pharma BioAlliance Pharma SA, the specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of opportunistic infections in cancer and AIDS, today announced the award of €6.4 million in funding from OSEO (the French state innovation agency). The company will devote the funds to the development of its novel therapeutic entities for the treatment of invasive cancers.

The funding has been awarded to the "Cancer Anti-invasive Program" (CAP) private-public consortium as part of OSEO's Strategic Industrial Innovation scheme. The consortium (led by BioAlliance Pharma) comprises two innovative SMEs (Oroxcell and Xentech), two mid-sized companies (Novasep and CIT) – all of which will make project investments – and two academic centers of excellence (the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and the Institut Gustave Roussy). The consortium's total budget over 5 years is €9.9 million, including a number of grants-in-aid and repayable advances.

The collaborative program will enable the development of two very innovative therapeutic products up to the commercialization phase: AMEPTM (a biotherapy indicated in invasive melanoma) and a first-in-class anticancer drug that targets invasive cancers and makes tumor cells revert to a normal phenotype.

In parallel, the consortium will develop innovative animal models of invasive cancers with Xentech, highly predictive genotoxicity tests with Oroxcell and immunotoxicology tools with CIT. Novasep will develop an R&D-phase pilot facility for generating highly potent active ingredients (HPAIs). In collaboration with BioAlliance Pharma, the academic centers of excellence will identify new markers for monitoring tumor invasion.