Cancer-Research-Foundation-IndiaA group of leading practitioners and philanthropists have come together to float a new initiative — Cancer Research Foundation India (CRFI) – for holistic management of cancer through facilitating infrastructure and intellectual capacity building.

Aimed at floating some public-private partnerships in awareness, prevention and detection of cancer, the CRFI was recently launched with a number of experts and others from both the public and private sector on the board. This initiative will undertake various efforts in cancer management in all its forms in the country, the directors said.

It has launched its awareness programme under the 'Conquer Cancer Campaign' which will initiate awareness through a dedicated cancer helpline in all urban metros of the nation in the coming year. CRFI has plans to launch a web portal under the said campaign, which includes a database of competent and accessible medical facilities and doctors available at the closest point of contact for the patient.

Further, it will also provide information and answer all the FAQs on various different types of cancer and public and private organizations in India that equipped to handle cancer management. Seminars, awareness presentation talks and training sessions in the medical community are also envisaged, said director Dr Sidharth Sahni, a leading oncologist, at a press conference here.

"We hope to add value and impetus to the initiatives in the public sector. To mention another goal, we also hope to institute audit and standardization of cancer management and practices across India," he said. It will aid in the incorporation of various training regimes, facilities and infrastructure capacity building through International joint ventures. The CRFI plans to eventually set up cancer centres of excellence that will offer competent cancer management.

Besides, Dr Sahni, the board of directors includes Dr Goura Kishor Rath of AIIMS, Dr Jem Prabhakar of the Regional Cancer Centre Thiruvanthapuram and Dr Badwe of the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Dr Tejinder Kataria a radiation oncologist of international renown, Dr Ashok Khurana a leading national and international radiologist, Dr Sangita Bansal, director Matrix, and Davinder PS Sandhu, director in the PMO, among others.