Novartis to leapfrog Alcon deal

January 8th, 2010|

In one stroke, Swiss pharma giant Novartis AG could break into the league of top five players in the Rs 600-crore plus Indian eyecare market from its current position at 13, if its takeover of Alcon goes through seamlessly and eventually results in integration of Alcon India into the Indian arm of Novartis. Such a combined entity of Novartis and Alcon would then command a marketshare of 7.5% in the domestic eyecare market, just 1.4% less compared with the third and fourth ranked companies, FDC and Sun Pharma, which command 8.9% marketshare each.

Pharma cos see opportunity in India

January 5th, 2010|

The year had just begun, when Pfizer announced its $68-billion deal to acquire Wyeth, in January. On its heels came Merck & Co's $ 41-billion deal to acquire Schering-Plough Corporation, in March.

Israel ranks high in counterfeit pharmaceutical trade

July 15th, 2009|

We're on the map, but the wrong map: In 2008 Israel ranked eighth in the world's counterfeit pharmaceuticals trade, with 78 reported cases of fake drugs worth up to NIS 100 million. And those were only the cases that were caught.

Dark clouds loom on Big Pharma horizon

July 13th, 2009|

Big Pharma initially coped better than other sectors with recession but has begun to underperform, and bleak prospects of more competition, problems getting new drugs to market and cheaper medicines are looming on investors' radars.

Pharma M&A wave set to reach India

March 15th, 2009|

While merger-mania is gripping the global pharma industry, a similar trend may soon spill over to the Indian market, with pharma companies quoting at low valuations and saddled with huge debt.

Pfizer in talks to buy Wyeth

January 21st, 2009|

To all Pfizer-watchers hoping the company would do something dramatic to change its fortunes: Here you go. Pfizer is negotiating to buy Wyeth in a deal valued at up to $60 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports. Anonymous sources close to the deal told the newspaper that the talks have been going on for months and could collapse at any time, given the beleaguered economy and erratic markets.

Ashok Kumar heads the India’s Department of Pharmaceuticals

July 8th, 2008|

The Government has created new department – Department of Pharmaceuticals under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) chairman Ashok Kumar has taken as the secretary in the newly-created department of pharmaceuticals.

‘National Commission’ recommended for curbing fake medicines: Assocham

October 18th, 2007|

ASSOCHAM has suggested setting up of a `National Commission on Eliminating Menace of Spurious Drugs’ to ensure that unorganised pharma companies stop their manufacturing and India gets out  of it’s bad reputation as `a Hub of Fake Drugs’ in markets of US and EU