Dabur Pharma is planning to enter Japan and China to strengthen its distribution network in the next two years.  These two markets are the largest in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has started the groundwork of filing drug applications to the drug regulators in China and Japan. 

Dabur Pharma is also open to large European markets like Germany, Italy and France for an acquisition. Early in 2007, the company had acquired the oncology sales & distribution business from its partner Biosciences in Thailand.

The company is also targeting US for revenue by filing generic drug applications for all the cancer drugs whose patents will expire. This market is estimated to $10-12 billion over five years.

Dabur Pharma plans to expand the range of products developed on its nanotechnology drug delivery system, named ‘Nanoxel’. At present, it sells anti-cancer drug ‘Paclitaxel’.  The company is planning to export this portfolio of drugs in US, Europe and South-east Asian markets.