Swedish biopharmaceutical company Diamyd Medical has reported that its nerve targeting drug delivery system expressing enkephalin, is effective in preclinical models of diabetes pain.

According to Diamyd Medical, its proprietary nerve targeting drug delivery system (NTDDS) platform, expressing enkephalin, effectively relieves pain due to diabetes in animals. The NTDDS platform allows focal delivery of the human enkephalin gene directly to nerves experiencing pain. Diamyd's product NP2 (NTDDS expressing enkephalin), is currently in Phase I clinical safety studies. David Fink, professor and chair of the department of neurology at the University of Michigan, is the principal investigator for this study.

Diamyd Medical's diabetes product portfolio includes NP2, Diamyd vaccine for type 1 diabetes and Diamyd vaccine for Lada. Darren Wolfe, president of Diamyd, said: "These new data indicate that not only is the NTDDS platform with enkephalin effective at reducing pain, it reverses the root cause of diabetes related pain. This means that the approach is not just pain relief, but local pain prevention."