Dishman PharmaAhmedabad based Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) major Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Ltd has entered into a strategic alliance with California based biotechnology firm Codexis, Inc. that will allow Dishman to use of Codexis' proprietary enzymatic biocatalysis technology to manufacture intermediates and active pharmaceutical intermediates (APIs).

Dishman PharmaIn an announcement to the Bombay Stock Exchange, Dishman said, "This strategic partnership covers the use of Codexis' proprietary enzymatic biocatalysis technology for the manufacture of building blocks, intermediates and API's for innovator pharmaceutical companies. The Company will be a preferred contract manufacturer for Codexis and will be able to offer the technology to its own customers. In addition, the companies will work exclusively on certain select accounts". These will be multinational companies, informed JR Vyas, managing director of Dishman Pharma.

Codexis offers a wide selection of enzymes for the pharmaceutical synthesis of chiral compounds. With the majority of today's drugs containing at least one chiral centre, this technology is directed at the very heart of pharmaceutical manufacture. In comparison to traditional chemical synthesis, this technology offers a number of significant advantages: cost reduction, improved yields and significant reduction in environmental impact through reduced use of organic solvents.

"The cost reduction could be to the tune of above 50 per cent in certain cases as Codexis' technology offers to do away with the unwanted isomers during the synthesis of the chiral compunds. In some cases it can be as low as 10 per cent as well.” Vyas said.

While the companies had agreed on profit sharing, Vyas declined to give out details as it was restricted as par the agreement adding that Codexis has already filed an RFP for an initial public offering the US stock exchange.

Codexis Inc also announced on its website that the company has entered into two separate collaborations in pharmaceutical manufacturing with Dishman Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals and AMPAC Fine Chemicals LLC (AFC), a subsidiary of American Pacific Corporation. It said, "Under the terms of the agreement, Codexis and Dishman will work exclusively to supply intermediates and active ingredients manufactured using Codexis technology to a select group of innovators; Dishman will be Codexis’ preferred CMO partner for new opportunities at other innovators