Dr Anantha Narayana, Head, Herbals Research, Hindustan Lever Research Centre, has bagged National Award for his contribution to the pharmaceutical sciences.

The premier national pharmaceutical association institutes the National Award of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA). Dr. Anantha Narayana is a Gold Medallist in B. Pharm from the Government College of Pharmacy, Bangalore and received his M.Pharm from Sagar University (MP) and PhD from Delhi University.

Dr. Anantha Narayana is a member of Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission's scientific committee and is chairman of its Herbs and Herbal Products Committee. He was member of Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Committee and ASU DTAB of Government of India as well as a convener of Herbal Cosmetics Committee of BIS. He was convener of a subgroup of Dr. Mashelkar Committee and an active member of the managing committee of Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturer's Association (ADMA) and has contributed to development of many policies related to Ayurvedic products and their modernization. Besides, he was secretary, IPCA too.

He has been active in Community Pharmacy development in India through the combined efforts of Delhi Pharmaceutical Trust (DPT) of which he is the Managing Trustee and works relentlessly for last 10 years in this capacity. He is a co-author of four books and inventor of more than 20 patents.