Dr Reddy's Laboratories intends to spin off its dermatology business into a new entity called Promius Pharma. 

Promius is in the process of setting up base in the US market. Promius may initially depend on the company's research facility in Hyderabad, India for building a pipeline and approaching the market. The facility is expected to handle the entire formulation development from concept to commercialization.

Dr Reddy's is likely to focus on the US market for now and take its derma pipeline to the market. Apart from licenses and marketing tie-ups, it is also looking out for acquisition of smaller dermatology players in the US to build its position in the US market.

Dr Reddy's has tied up with Sinclair Pharma for the exclusive US rights of its seborrheic dermatitis product, Sebclair. The company plans to market the product under a new brand name through Promius Pharma. It is also planning to forge partnerships for building its specialty business in the US.