Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corporation buys Galenica to form new fully integrated specially pharma group Vifor Pharma

Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corporation buys Galenica  and the companies will form a new, fully integrated specialty pharma group called Vifor Pharma within Galenica's Pharma business sector. The company also planned to delist Aspreva.

Aspreva Pharmaceuticals is a globally active pharmaceutical company incorporated in Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) with branches in the USA, UK and Switzerland (Neuchatel). Aspreva Pharmaceuticals has specialised in identifying and developing new indication areas for existing drugs and marketing these new therapeutic applications after registration.

Vifor Pharma’s most important products  are the preparations for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia, Maltofer®, Venofer® and Ferinject®, the phosphate binder PA21, services for the medication CellCept (product against auto-immune diseases) as well as product ranges from the Consumer Health (OTC) area. Ferinject® is a new medicine from Vifor (International) for the intravenous treatment of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia. The registration of Ferinject® was approved in 18 European countries in June 2007, and in Switzerland in November.

Vifor Pharma will be developed into a growth area which will be supported by top-quality research, globally recognised products, and a comprehensive network of high-ranking opinion leaders. Galenica has restructured its Pharma business sector, and the Board of Directors of Galenica Ltd. has appointed two new members to the Corporate Executive Committee.