Glenmark Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is looking to out-license at least one molecule in fiscal 2010, probably Melogliptin.

GlenmarkIt is renegotiating a deal for the diabetes drug and is seeking a tie-up for anti-asthma drug Oglemilast for the European market. It is also looking to outlicense phase 2-b trials Oglemilast.

According to an analyst covering the company, outlicensing of Melogliptin and launch of Crofelmer (for HIV-related diarrhoea), which is a phase 3 candidate, are focus areas for Glenmark. A successful launch of Crofelmer can add $20-25 million annually to the company's net profit.

A Glenmark pharma spokesperson was not immediately available to comment on the developments.

Meanwhile, Glenmark expects to launch Crofelmer across the world by the end of the next fiscal. The company is expecting sales of $80 million in the next 2-3 years as it will price the product at a premium to the currently available treatment options.