Golden Helix and Progeny Software to collaborate to develop first end-to-end Genetic Data Management and Analysis Solution

Golden Helix, Inc., and Progeny Software has collaborated to develop the first end-to-end solution for the storage, management, and analysis of genotype and copy number variation data. Progeny is the global leader in genetic data management software and stallations in 65 countries, and deliver quality software for managing unlimited phenotypic and genotypic data. The company has released Progeny LIMS, a sample inventory management system with bar-coding capabilities and support for wireless handheld devices. Golden Helix has become the global leader in SNP analysis and genetic association software and the company's products are used by hundreds of researchers at the world's top pharmaceutical, biotech and non-profit research organizations, and have been cited in over 100 peer reviewed publications that detail ground-breaking research uncovering the genetic and environmental basis of disease. 

The two companies’ products are complimentary but independent. Progeny LAB, the leading genetic data management platform, gives researchers the ability to store and access an unlimited quantity of clinical and genetic data in the same database. Golden Helix’s SNP & Variation Suite includes the SNP and copy number analysis applications HelixTree, PBAT and CNAM, which can be used to analyze data for both candidate gene and whole genome association studies.

The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to develop a seamlessly integrated system between the two products whereby data can be stored, managed and analyzed all within a single interface.

The collaboration already underway, initial efforts have focused on enhancing import and export capabilities of the two products. Functionality was recently added to Progeny LAB enabling data to be queried and exported directly to Golden Helix’s file format for analysis with SNP & Variation Suite

As part of this collaboration, Golden Helix has also extended an exclusive European distributorship to Progeny Europe, providing researchers increased levels of support in Western Europe through direct representation in the region.