The Union Ministry of Finance has announced the anti-dumping duty imposed on the third generation parenteral cephalosporin antibiotic ceftriaxone sodium sterile imported from China as per the final recommendations of the Directorate-General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD). 

In a notification, the central government has fixed the anti-dumping duty of ceftriaxone sodium sterile manufactured and marketed by Fujian Fukanga Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Suzhou Dawnrays Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Hebei Zhungrun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Zhuhai United Laboratories Co Ltd and Livzon Synthpharm Co Ltd with a reduction of about USD10 to USD25 when compared to the duty imposed in 2007. The government has imposed the anti-dumping duty on the product imported from China in November 2007 based on the preliminary findings of the DGAD.

The anti-dumping duty on the product from Fujian Fukanga has been reduced from USD81.86 per kg to US$56.77 kg and the duty for the product from Suzhou Dawnrays from USD77.99 kg to USD55.61 Kg. Similarly, the duty of ceftriaxone sodium sterile marketed by Zhuhai United has been reduced from USD81.04 to USD57.98 per kilogram even as the duty on the product from Livzon Synthpharm has been brought down from USD74.59 to USD55.64 per kilogram.

Duty for any other combinations of ceftriaxone sodium sterile products other than the products from these companies will come down from USD89.96 to USD77.35 per kg with the imposition of the revised notification. The government has reduced the anti-dumping duty on any other ceftriaxone sodium sterile products imported from China to USD77.35 from the current duty of USD89.96 per kg.

As per the final findings of the DGAD, the ceftriaxone sodium sterile products have entered the Indian market from the subject country at prices less than their normal values in the domestic market of the exporting country and the dumping margins of the subject goods imported from the subject country are substantial and above de minimis (so minimal in difference). The action was initiated with an application filed by the Hyderabad-based Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

Apart from Aurobindo Pharma, the Chennai-based Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Mumbai-based Lupin Laboratories Ltd, Chandigarh-based Nectar Life Science and the Mumbai-based Kopran Ltd are the producers of ceftriaxone sodium sterile, an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) used for the formulation of filling the injection for intravenous or intramuscular administration.