Union health minister Dr Ambumani Ramadoss has released the  Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) 2007  encompassing over 1500 monographs prepared by Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission.

Union health minister Dr Ambumani Ramadoss has released the Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) 2007, having many new features to match with its counterparts in developed countries and encompassing over 1500 monographs. The function at the Central Indian Pharmacopoeia Laboratory at Ghaziabad near New Delhi, was attended by his deputy in the cabinet Panabaka Lakshmi, senior officials, scientists and industry representatives. The new monographs would be made effective from April 2008. 

The massive document prepared by the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission. The new edition comes out in 3 volumes with 300 additional monographs has many new features. Besides, the 175 new monographs of chemicals and dosage forms, it has monographs on vaccines, immunosera, herbs, herbal products, blood and blood-related products, biotechnology and veterinary products.

The fifth edition of the standard-setting document has been prepared in accordance with the principles and designed plan decided by the Scientific Body of the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission. In addition to the past practices of requesting for comments, the contents of revised appendices and monographs have been publicized on the website of the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, for collecting comments widely from various institutions and organizations. All the feedback and inputs have been reviewed by the relevant Expert Committee to ensure the feasibility and practicability of the standards and methods revised in this edition of the Pharmacopoeia, as well as the principle of "openness, justice and fairness" has been kept in mind during compiling and editing, according to the officials.