Intas is strengthening its presence in Europe and CIS through alliances, product launch and exploring opportunities of clinical trials


Gujarat based Intas Biopharmaceutical Ltd (IBPL) plans for more product registrations in the CIS market. The company’s current product portfolio include three bio-generic products – Neukine (rHu G-CSF), Erykine and Epofit (rHu EPO) and Intalfa (rHu IFN Alfa-2b) and plans to launch 5 to 6 new biotech products in the CIS market. IBPL business model for CIS market is distribution based and has every scope of expanding in the region.

The company already has a market presence in the CIS countries as a whole and specially in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. As IBPL already have distribution agreements in place covering quite a few CIS countries and the process of product registration is in advanced stages.

The company is looking for newer opportunities in the regulated markets after receiving the EU-GMP certification. Europe is an ideal market for IBPL to serve the goal of developing innovative research technologies/new molecules related to biopharmaceuticals; evaluate technology platforms; identify partnership opportunities, in-licensable IPs; and to build up Novel Drug Delivery System

The company is looking to strengthen its presence in the Europe, through alliances and exploring opportunities of clinical trials in the region. The process of clinical trials is mandatory and a pre-requisite for the company to develop the products and market them in Europe.

The company plans to start clinical trials for filgrastim brand Neukine in Europe. Filgrastim is in a class of drugs known as growth factors. It promotes the growth of white blood cells, which help to fight infections. Filgrastim also is used to increase white blood cell counts in adults with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and to treat low white blood cell counts in adults with acute myeloid leukaemia who have received chemotherapy. Filgrastim has been used to increase white blood cell counts in people who have cancer, follow chemotherapy and take medications that lower white blood cell counts.

The company has also planned its clinical trials of erythropoietin and interferon alpha in the European market by next year. Erythropoietin, a glycoprotein hormone produced by kidney, is used in treating anaemia, resulting from chronic renal failure. Interferon Alfa is a natural protein produced by the immune system cells are useful in fighting RNA-virus infection, and is especially useful for hepatitis B and C. 

The company has significant presence in North America with agreements and MoUs with three technology companies.

The company, in January 2007, invested Rs 13 crore towards conducting clinical trials and producing Factor IX, a drug used for treatment of Haemophilia-B, through novel transgenic platform. Thereafter, IBPL inked MoU with Canada-based Viropro Inc. for an undisclosed molecule and signed an agreement with US-based Virionics for co-development of HPV therapeutic vaccine.  The company plans to spend Rs 10 crore a year for R&D.

IBPL has also entered into several distribution and marketing agreements with reputed international companies in regulated and semi-regulated markets of Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Russia and CIS, South and Central America and Africa.