Invitrogen Corporation, a provider of technologies for research, production and diagnostics, has introduced its custom PD-Direct® Bioprocess Services optimized for clinically compliant stem cell culture systems.

This service will help stem cell therapy developers reduce risks through serum-free production systems, improve manufacturing productivity, and provide on-demand expertise in stem cell media development.As scientists strive to translate stem cell research into viable therapeutics, they must develop robust processes to produce these cells in quantities large enough to supply their patients’ specific disease or condition.

The science of each stem cell type is different and complex, and off-the-shelf products may not enable therapeutic developers to achieve their goals without significant additional investment. PD-Direct® Bioprocess Services for stem cells offer tailored services that help cell therapeutics developers ensure that they obtain the best products that also meet regulatory guidelines.

“Part of maturing the market of stem cell therapy will be taking the cells from the research bench to actually treating patients,” said Paul Pickering, General Manager of the Cell Therapy Systems Business Unit. “We are delighted to be able to offer stem cell therapy developers access to our industry leading expertise in clinically compliant stem cell culture systems through our PD Direct® Bioprocess Services.”