MEDEC is the Canadian industry association has launched Transforming Health Through Medical Technology is a compilation of stories of Canadian patients and physicians whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to innovative technologies and devices at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

Medical technology has revolutionized the way I live my life in dealing with type 1 diabetes over the past fourteen years,” said Canadian Olympic rower Chris Jarvis, who spoke at the launch. “The medical technology I'm using now has helped me to compete to become a world champion and changed for the better how I live my life with diabetes."

Also speaking at the event was Dr. Robert Jackson, Order of Canada recipient and world-renowned orthopaedic surgeon. "Over the past fifty years, there has been a major change in the way orthopaedic surgery has been conducted that wouldn't have been possible without medical technology and the partnership that happened and continues to happen with engineers, electricians, scientists and medical technology companies."

Transforming Health covers 29 stories about medical device technologies relevant to today’s most pressing health care issues: Heart Health, Diabetes Care, Musculoskeletal Health, Vision Care, Women’s Health, Cancer Diagnostics & Treatment, Patient & Health Care Worker Safety, Medical Imaging, Surgical Intervention and Pain Management. Also included in book is an exclusive section entitled Innovations of the Future illustrating the vast potential that medical technologies will continue to bring to health care into the future.