The Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission to new norms for printing instructions on storage and transportation The Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission will shortly come up with fresh norms for printing instructions on storage and transportation. While the commission’s scientific body has already approved the changes which brings down the number of instructions to six from 20, the governing body is yet to approve. The next edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia is expected to have the changed guidelines. The instruction ‘store at room temperature’ has no meaning in a country of extreme climatic variations, and it leads to the degradation of drugs. Delhi Pharmaceutical Trust also contributed to the Pharmacopoeia Commission’s work and has proposed changes would tell the chemist at what specific temperature should a drug be stored rather than saying, ‘store in a cool place protected from frost’ The proposed changes are significant as the new wave of retail pharmacy chains being opened by corporate houses are very conscious about quality standards unlike many of the over six lakh chemists in the country.