Capsugel, the world’s leading provider of oral dosage form solutions to the pharmaceutical and related healthcare industries and a division of Pfizer announced the release of its new Xcelohood Containment System. 

Designed for fully integrated use with the Xcelodose Precision Micro-dosing System, it enables safer containment, particularly when filling capsules with potentially toxic and potent compounds.

The Xcelohood containment system is a mobile cabinet that is framed with stainless steel and which contains clear polycarbonate viewing panels and two fans. The hood is custom designed to fit securely around any Xcelodose model machine.  It is also fully compatible with the Xcelotable Support Stand, a table with an internal damping plate to minimize vibration during weighing.

The panels of the Xcelohood containment hood have two horizontally opening latched doors, making it easy for operators to access the Xcelodose machine.  In addition, because the hood’s fans maintain constant laminar airflow when one or both doors are open, they provide continuous protection from potentially harmful compounds.

To maintain dosing accuracy, the fans in the Xcelohood containment system are mechanically decoupled from the sensitive weighing mechanism of the Xcelodose system, such that any vibrations do not interfere with its performance. The Xcelohood containment system has two pre-filters and a HEPA filter, which feature a safe, “bag- in, bag-out” changeover, ensuring any material in the filter does not contaminate the clean room or laboratory during filter exchange.

“As the Xcelodose technology has become the leading technology for preparing pre-clinical and early phase trial supplies, many of our users now have a requirement to fill their capsules with compounds of up to OEB 4 level potency. In attempting to use ’generic’ or standard flow hoods with such compounds, however, difficulties were encountered.  More specifically, such hoods often produced vibration feedback which interfered with weighing, causing dosing inaccuracies,” said Mr Mike Savill, Manager, Pharmaceutical Technology Group at Capsugel.