Novocell, Inc., a stem cell engineering company, announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued two patents related to its stem cell encapsulation technology and granted Notice of Allowance for a patent relating to the company's technology for the isolation of clinical-grade human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines.


Novocell also enhanced its patent holdings with the receipt of three foreign patents for stem cell encapsulation. Additionally, the company received Notice of Allowance for a patent relating to production of neural stem cells.

 The issued patents US No. 6,911,277 and U.S. No. 7,427,415 include claims surrounding the composition and method of use for a biocompatible polyethylene glycol (PEG) coating and other stem cell encapsulation methods designed to enable implanted cells to survive and function. Novocell's technology eliminates the need for continuous immunosuppressant drugs and has been formulated to allow encapsulated pancreatic islet cells to release insulin in response to the recipient's blood glucose concentration. Novocell has evaluated the safety and efficacy of implanting human pancreatic islets encapsulated with PEG into a subcutaneous site in patients with type 1 diabetes.

The other allowed patent includes claims covering the isolation of hESC lines as well as standard culturing techniques using a range of human feeder cells. Clinical-grade hESC lines need to be isolated with the use of mouse feeder cells for the development of stem cell-based therapies. Currently, hESC's used for research are exposed to mouse cells during isolation; however, this exposure limits their use in therapeutic products. Novocell's research team was amongst the first in the world to demonstrate that hESCs could be isolated and cultured on human feeder cells, thereby eliminating this limitation for the development of stem cell-based therapies.

Novocell, Inc. is a stem cell engineering company with research operations in San Diego, California and Athens, Georgia, dedicated to creating, delivering and commercializing cell and drug therapies for diabetes and other chronic diseases.