The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has revised the prices of vitamin C bulk drugs, hiking them upto 50 percent. The pricing authority revised prices of seven bulk drugs including vitamin C, ibuprofen and analgin.


The price of vitamin C (plain) went to Rs 544 per kg from existing Rs 366 while vitamin C (coated) rose to Rs 533 from Rs 353 per kg, more than 50 per cent increase. Likewise, the price of sodium ascorbate also rose by 50 per cent to hit Rs 575 from Rs 381 per kg, according to a notification by NPPA.

Interestingly, the upward revision comes in the wake of sustained campaign allegedly by some leading players to get the prices of vitamin C increased. Some media reports suggested shortage of vitamin C in the markets, while some in industry and also in the official side felt that shortage was created to get the prices revised. India imports vitamin C from China mainly and the increase in the prices of raw materials forced leading players to decrease production of vitamin C tablets, reports claimed.

The issue of shortage of vitamin C tablets also came up in the recent meeting between the pharma secretary and industry leaders and associations while the pharma majors called for sharp increase, almost 100 per cent in the prices of this bulk drug. The pharma department was learnt to be not so happy with the reports too.

NPPA reduced the price of ibuprofen from Rs 486 to Rs 442 per kg while prices of another popular drug analgin went to Rs 553 from Rs 503. Price of chloroquine phosphate was also hiked from Rs 745 to Rs 874 while price of chloroquine sulphate came down from Rs 1692 to Rs 1248 per kg, according to the NPPA notification.