Ocimum Biosolutions, an integrated genomics company, has announced that it has been awarded a US patent for ‘Molecular toxicology modelling’.

The patent describes the changes in gene expression and identification of toxicity markers in tissues or cells exposed to a known renal (kidney) toxin. The genes can be used as toxicity markers in drug screening.

The invention, according to the company, includes a database of genes which are designed for use with microarrays and other solid-phase probes (which are playing a major role in genomics).

Ms Anu Acharya, CEO, Ocimum Biosolutions, said,  “We have consistently been in the forefront of genomics innovation over many years and this patent reiterates our strong commitment to continue as a leader in this space”. Genomics is the study and understanding of the genetic structure of a living form, the individual genes, their features and roles in the evolution of the human being or animal or plant species.