Otsuka Chemical Company part of the Otsuka Group  will be acquire Ito Life Sciences 

Otsuka Chemical Company will be the new owner of American Peptide Company and Ito Life Sciences Shanghai, both subsidiaries of Ito Life Sciences, beginning September 1, 2008.

Itoham Foods owns Ito Life Sciences. The Total Peptide Management programme is a customized service platform that offers a broad array of high-quality peptides, value-added services, and expert consultation. Leveraging the experience and expertise of the American Peptide Company's leadership team, the program helps pharmaceutical and biotech customers properly select peptides and follow correct procedures and compliance guidelines from research development through scale-up to full manufacturing.

As American Peptide Company continues to build its technical capabilities and customer base with its service-oriented Total Peptide Management program, it will be a critical asset to the Otsuka Chemical Company portfolio. Additionally, American Peptide Company is expanding its facilities in Vista and Sunnyvale, California to accommodate large scale peptide production at the kilogram scale for the company's growing customer network.

American Peptide Company is a leading manufacturer of peptides and peptide conjugates. The company offers comprehensive selection of pre-manufactured catalog peptides, custom synthesis, and GMP generic peptide active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The Otsuka Chemical Company is an international company based out of Osaka, Japan with additional locations in Spain, Indonesia, India, Korea, China, Brazil and the United States. Established in 1950, its 1700-employee global workforce is dedicated to developing new materials, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceutical & agro chemicals while actively protecting the global environment.

Ito Life Sciences, Inc., parent company of American Peptide Company runs pharmaceutical, functional food ingredients and peptide businesses in Japan. It is particularly strong in peptide and animal-derived APIs.