Pharma major comes to aid of school with a differenceThe Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP), a school for children with cerebral palsy, has something to cheer about as pharmaceuticals giant Cipla has announced a major sponsorship and agreed to sponsor an entire class at the IICP for one year.

The pharma major, the biggest medicine manufacturer of India, has handed out Rs 6.58 lakh to the Taratola-based school, taking responsibility of the pre-primary section comprising 14 kids with various disorders.

“We are not just another business enterprise. We have a separate public charitable trust, and a responsibility towards society,” said Shuvra Shankar Chakrabarty, the Kolkata operations chief of Cipla. “It’s a privilege to work with an institute for cerebral palsy,” he added.
The agreement was signed on July 6 at a programme as nearly 15 children of the institute put up a dance performance. With Cipla’s funding, the class will go through intensive treatment and training under its faculty for the next one year. The company is likely to renew the deal for another year if it is satisfied with the association with the IICP.
Cipla is also considering to use the IICP as a platform for venturing into specialised wheelchair manufacturing in Kolkata. The IICP is earmarking a portion of its premises to Cipla for making wheelchairs, and will also volunteer to help monitor the project.
The IICP deputy director of communications, Subhra Chatterjee, said they are pleased to have the sponsorship when things aren’t looking up in the industry. “We have had a difficult time ever since the recession. In such times, you don’t expect the industry to pour in funds. But this has been a welcome development, the first time that a sponsor has offered to cover the expenditure of an entire class,” she said.