Tagsys to offer pharmaceutical manufacturers RFID track and trace technology  to cater the new legal requirements coming into force in 2009.

The IBM-Tagsys offering is a pilot version of their full-scale pharmaceutical track and trace product, and can be deployed in under four weeks at a cost of $125,000.  The pilot kit includes 50,000 Tagsys high frequency tags and 1,000 ultra high frequency tags, an RFID printer and tag readers, IBM software to manage the RFID data software process, and the provision of services to facilitate installation and configuration of the system.

The new serialisation pilot kit will be available to manufacturers next month, providing an integrated tracking option using RFID-based technology for item level serialisation of packaged products.

January 1, 2009, sees the enforcement of new legislation in California which demands that all prescription drugs sold within the state carry a unique identifier to track products through the supply chain. The pedigree must also be available in electronic form – a so-called ePedigree – and be fully interoperable with the supply chain as a whole.

Tagsys will be providing expertise based on its Sigma Six Performance Programme, a quality-of-service programme that guarantees a fewer than four failures in one million read opportunities.

The pilot kit can be upgraded to IBM's full solution should manufacturers decide the system is right for them, with the full-blown automated option leveraging a new ePedigree feature in IBM software to meet the impending Californian regulations.

Several other companies including Nosco, Systech and SupplyScape are also offering RFID-based systems that adhere to the California ePedigree regulations.