Pharmamark a new on-tablet laser inscription technique to be used on film coated tablets

Colorcon, a world leader in solid-dose design, formulation and tablet identification technologies, will be commercializing the new system Pharmamark patented by DataLase.  The method incorporates a new on-tablet laser inscription technique to be used on film coated tablets.

Pharmamark, is an edible, on-tablet marking system that can be used to record information such as barcodes, logos, patient details, dosage information or use-by dates all through a non-contact laser-based marking system. Additives are incorporated into the standard tablet coating, and a computer controlled low-power laser beam then etches the required data onto the designated area on the tablet surface.  The area undergoes a colour change when struck by the laser light, forming the desired image or data on the tablet surface.

The technique will offer manufacturers an alternative to the use of printing inks or debossing tablets to identify their products.  It also eliminates the risk of cracked or damaged tablets as a result of contact marking systems, undesired ink spots affecting machine readability, and the time pressure associated with waiting for ink to dry.

The Pharmamark additives are excipients that meet all the compendial and regulatory requirements for use in the US and key European countries, and have been in use in approved pharmaceutical products for a number of years.

Pharmamark will help pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement companies protect their brands from counterfeiting, prevent medication error, improve tablet traceability, and ultimately protect patients.