ImageAccording to the new research report, Ukraine promises to be one of the most lucrative pharmaceutical markets in the world. In 2007, the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market grew by nearly 21% to register revenues in excess of US$ 2 Billion. The market is characterized by an increasing proportion of imported and high-priced drugs. In 2007, the average unit price of drugs sold in Ukraine increased by nearly 20%, strongly pushing the value of pharmaceutical sales, despite a relatively ordinary growth in sales volume.

The future outlook of the industry also seems very positive as the market is expected to be driven by a number of reforms recently proposed by the government. Factors such as increasing penetration of health insurance and increasing disposable incomes of consumers will also fuel growth. The lack of effective price controls and high margins are also expected to lure foreign players in this market. The country's unstable political environment, however, will be the biggest hurdle for investments. But overall, the market is expected to grow strongly, exceeding US$ 4.5 Billion in revenues by 2012.

This report gives an extensive and objective analysis on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. It investigates both the past and present trends in the market, with its main focus on the future trends shaping the industry. The study discusses the performance of both the retail and hospital segments of the pharmaceutical market in detail and based on various present and future indicators, analyzes the future of these segments. This report gives valuable information to manufacturers/investors planning to enter the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market.

The Report Provides Forecasts on

  • Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Healthcare Indicators
  • Population & Demographics
  • Disease Profiles
  • Total Pharmaceutical Market
  • Retail Pharmaceutical Market
  • Hospital Pharmaceutical Market

Key Player Profiling

"Ukraine Pharma – New Opportunities for Growth" provides brief profiling on key players, both domestic and foreign, currently operating in the Ukraine pharmaceutical market. This section describes the revenues and growth of players in the total pharmaceutical market, retail market and hospital market. Performance of key drugs in various segments of the market has also been evaluated. Business profiles of top five players, Berlin Chemie, Sanofi Aventis, Novartis, Arterium and Darnitsa, have also been discussed in this report.