On April 3rd, three months before worldwide launch, Roche Applied Science sold the first xCELLigence System at the Analytica 2008 trade in Munich. In July the system has been installed at AgenoLab GmbH & Co. KG in Stuttgart (Germany), a supplier of contract biotechnology and life science laboratory services.

AgenoLab is the first company worldwide using the new technology of Roche Applied Science for real-time cell monitoring. Also the company uses the latest LightCycler 480 instrument for real-time PCR analysis. AgenoLab offers worldwide services in GMP production, microbiology, molecularbiology, cell culture technology, tissue engineering, quality assurance, oncology, and histology.

The cell-based xCELLigence System was originally invented by US-based ACEA Biosciences, and co-developed by Roche and ACEA. The xCELLigence System will be marketed exclusively by Roche on a worldwide basis. The design of the electronic sensor and other innovative techniques to collect and assess data make this system an excellent platform for cell-based assays and provide a benchmark potential for cellular and molecular biology. Continuous measurement is performed label free and fast – the system needs less than 15 seconds to analyze a 96 well E Plate.