Sequenom, Inc. , a leading provider of molecular diagnostic applications and genetic analysis products and services, has licensed from Xenomics, Inc., a developer of non-invasive molecular diagnostic tests, exclusive rights to patents (US Patents 6,251,638 and RE 39,920, European Patent EP 0920539) for prenatal research and diagnostic products developed using fetal nucleic acids found in maternal urine. Financial terms were not disclosed.


"Sequenom's significant position in non-invasive prenatal diagnostics is further enhanced by these patent rights," stated Harry Stylli, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of Sequenom. "Use of transrenal fetal DNA in maternal urine is an innovative approach to prenatal diagnostics that we believe has compelling future commercial potential. We are continuing to evaluate strategic opportunities to broaden and deepen our IP position as we expand our SEQureDx franchise into new areas of prenatal diagnostics and build a long-term leadership position for Sequenom in this growth market."

The license provides Sequenom with exclusive global rights to use transrenal fetal nucleic acids in maternal urine for non-invasive prenatal diagnostics and analysis on a technology-independent basis for all uses, excluding fetal gender determination solely by the presence of Y chromosome. The exclusive rights extend the SEQureDx prenatal diagnostic technology franchise that the Company is building by enabling the development of products for, and the protection of, an additional source of novel, non-invasive fetal sample and testing.