Siemens Medical Solutions installed South Asia's first most compact and only wide bore 3 Tesla Magnetom Verio magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system at Eko X-ray & Imaging Institute in Kolkata.

It is a new class of patient-friendly MRI system, which combines 3 Tesla ultra high field technology, 70 cm magnet bore and Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology to provide superior diagnosis, exceptional patient comfort and excellent image quality.

The system's magnet bore of 70 cm in diameter has solved the problem of scanning obese patients and also greatly alleviates concerns of claustrophobia in many patients. The wider space makes it possible to scan patients who could not be examined with the MRI system in the past such as patients suffering from kyphosis; limited mobility or pain; paediatric patients; patients with lower back pain; semi recumbent cervical spine; etc. Siemens has managed to develop this MRI as the shortest in length and widest in bore with 3 Tesla systems currently available in the market. This makes MRI diagnosis more patient-friendly with high accuracy.

Magnetom Verio with its state-of-the-art Tim technology evaluates the most complex pathologies for easy treatment, even of difficult patients, including advanced applications as part of the routine diagnosis. It also provides the ability to remotely access the MRI suite from virtually anywhere within the enterprise network, making it possible to address difficult clinical questions via the network, while a patient is being scanned. As the patients are less likely to move during the examinations than usual, Magnetom Verio provides exceptionally good image quality.

Magnetom Verio is equipped with a comparably ultra light magnet of only six tons. This hi-tech magnet has zero helium boil-off and there is no need to regularly refill with helium. Moreover, with the strongest magnetic field strength used clinically, the system can be used for many applications, including neurology and functional neuro evaluation, orthopaedic and cartilage assessment, breast, vascular and cardiac imaging.

The 3 Tesla market is one of the fastest growing, where Magnetom Verio meets every market demand with a single system – increasing requirements for patient comfort, supporting high image quality and efficient workflow.