Venus Remedies, a Rs 200 crore plus pharma mid-cap company, has launched its fourth research product under brand name 'Tobracef', a fixed dose combination of cephalosporin with aminoglycoside in the domestic market for the first time globally.

Tobracef, launched by company's research centre for APE/cystic fibrosis patients. The company claims that it is the only solution for the treatment of life threatening infections caused by P Aeruginosa/MRSA in these patients. The DCGI approved the drug after completion of its multi-centred phase III clinical trials and all related studies in March 2008.

The PSD division is targeting to fast penetrate the INR 2 billion domestic market and is expected to build this brand as a segment leader within 2 years of its launch. There are approximately 50 patent applications in process in 50 countries across the globe for this wonderful product and the company is in talks for out-licensing of this product in US and other regulated markets of the world.