The team at Verathon Medical® Canada has developed the new smaller-sized GlideScope® GVL® stats and video baton so pediatric health care providers would have devices properly-sized for Preterm & Neonatal Patients, Enabling Quick Intubations.

GlideScope® Cobalt and Ranger Single Use designs consist of: a slim reusable video baton which houses a high-resolution camera with an anti-fogging mechanism to resist lens contamination; a nonglare color monitor; and single-use, sterile GVL® Stats in two preterm and neonatal sizes that offer unique blade angulation. Health care providers can choose between the Cobalt product that comes with a 6.5" view monitor with NTSC video output to facilitate recording, or the compact and rugged Ranger that offers an integrated 3.5" screen.

"Because smaller-sized devices often don't exist, pediatric anesthesiologists frequently have to use and adapt to equipment designed for larger patients," said Dr. John Pacey, inventor of the GlideScope® and President of Verathon Medical® Canada ULC.

Anesthesiologists who work with pediatric patients appreciate the new smaller devices. "I had a rather amazing case. The patient was a 9-week old with probable Goldenhar syndrome for cleft lip repair and removal of skin tag," stated Cheryl Gooden, MD, FAAP and Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, New York. "I used the small Cobalt blade for this patient and got an excellent view of the vocal cords."

Minimizing the need for "blind" intubation procedures, GlideScope® video laryngoscopes (GVL®) provide a real time view of the airway and of endotracheal tube placement. The GlideScope® Cobalt and Ranger single-use designs, which eliminate the need for disinfecting the "blade," are based on the popular GlideScope® GVL® reusable video laryngoscope that achieves a Cormack-Lehane Grade I or Grade II view 99 percent(1) of the time.