Vical IncorporatedVical Incorporated announced the issuance of US Patent No 7,470,675 covering the composition, delivery and use of gene-based interferon-omega. Interferon-omega is part of the interferon family of proteins which are naturally produced by the immune system. Several interferons have been approved as treatments for infectious diseases, cancer and other diseases. They typically work by directing the immune system to target foreign agents in the body and interrupt their normal growth processes.

This patented gene-based composition was discovered and developed by Vical scientists for a broad range of potential uses. With Vical's method, a genetic sequence encoding interferon-omega is delivered into a body tissue or cavity where it enters living cells. Once inside the cells, the genetic sequence is designed to cause the cells to produce interferon-omega protein, which may help direct and control the immune system. The technologies covered by this new patent are available for licensing.

This patent adds to Vical's family of patents in the United States and in other key regions based on the company's discovery that administering genetic sequences such as DNA or RNA into the body, without the use of viral delivery vehicles, may cause expression of the proteins encoded by the genetic sequences.

Vical researches and develops biopharmaceutical products based on its patented DNA delivery technologies for the prevention and treatment of serious or life-threatening diseases.