Waters has launched Xevo TQ MS (Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer), an advanced mass spectrometry system, in India.

Xevo is expected to reproduce high quality data, increase laboratory throughput and reduce annual operating costs. For many important assays, current immuno-assay technology is struggling to meet the demands. It has built-in IntelliStart and ScanWave technologies will deliver versatility and advanced quantitative capability to scientists. This new product is ideal for pharma, especially contract research sector which included clinical trials. It can also benefit the researchers in the food safety, environmental and chemical industry.

The product was launched in June at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference in the US where it bagged the best new product award. IntelliStart is a new technology that simplifies instrument set-up and time intensive troubleshooting. It automatically ensures the system is ready for use by performing mass calibration, setting MS resolution and generating compound-specific MS methods.

It uses MassLynx software equipped with a unique collision cell that can be operated in a conventional T-Wave1 enabled mode. The new patented Scan Wave technology is an innovative use of T-Wave collision cell technology that improves duty cycle and significantly enhances the full scan capability to meet the demands of the complex analyses. This feature allows the scientists to quickly confirm the identities and structures of targeted analytes.

It is designed for use with Waters Acquity Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) instruments by scientists in many disciplines. In addition, it also has a new API ion source that increases performance at high flow rates further improving the compatibility with UPLC and enabling the users to take full advantage of the benefits of UPLC/MS/MS applications, explained Jean Marc Joumier, Product Manager, Mass Spectrometry, Waters, France.

The product, which was developed in Manchester took around three years to be developed and underwent several product trials internally targeting every industry application including pharma sector. Waters had a team of 100 people working on the Xevo which included physicists and engineers, Dr. David Little, senior product manager, Quattro Premier XE, Waters, Manchester told Pharmabiz.

Unlike conventional TQMS systems, Xevo offers versatility in a single instrument platform that is adaptable to a variety of different quantitative UPLC/MS/MS applications. Its scan speed is well suited for generation of narrow UPLC peaks.