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Big Pharma cures for ailing heritage

October 28th, 2009|

A Johnson & Johnson subsidiary has developed chemicals that can protect monuments.

Pharma Dept moots a string of measures to boost research in pharma industry

October 28th, 2009|

Pharmaceutical Department has recommended to the Department of Revenue a number of measures including hiking the benefit of weighted exemption to companies engaged in research and development with a view to scale up their overall spending in research activities in the country.

Pfizer keen to buy Wockhardts biotech business

October 28th, 2009|

The world’s largest drug company, Pfizer, is going ahead with its plans to buy the biotech business of Wockhardt, but the Mumbai-based drugmaker has not shown any inclination for a sellout.

Global Coalition to observe first ever World Pneumonia Day on November 2

October 27th, 2009|

Global Coalition against Pneumonia representing over 50 child health organizations from all over the world will observe November 2 as the first World Pneumonia Day. With over two million children under five years of age who succumb to pneumonia annually which is more than from AIDS, measles and malaria combined, there is need to treat and prevent this dreadful disease.

Swine flu fever

October 27th, 2009|

The H1N1 season is in full swing, and so, it appears, is flu vaccine fever.

November is Lung Cancer Month: Know the Latest Information About This Deadliest of Cancers

October 27th, 2009|

Lung cancer is the world's most common cancer, and an estimated 219,440 Americans are expected to be diagnosed this year.


October 26th, 2009|

With an estimated prevalence rate of 1:100,00 approximately 1lac people are affected with hemophilia in India, out of which 60000 are likely to be severe. There are about   13,000 registered patients out of which many are receiving inadequate treatment. Haemophilia treatment in India is more or less in its infancy and that the infrastructure in place is, if anything, meager, would be stating the obvious. (Ref: HFI website)

Dabur India to merge Fem Care Pharma with itself

October 26th, 2009|

Dabur India Ltd (DIL) has announced that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on October 26, 2009, inter alia, has considered and approved the Scheme for Amalgamation of Fem Care Pharma Ltd. ("FCPL or Transferor Company") with DIL as per terms and conditions mentioned in the Scheme of Amalgamation ("the Scheme") under the provisions of Sections 391 to 394 of the Companies Act, 1956.

State continues to attract pharma industry

October 26th, 2009|

Companies expected to bring more jobs to the areaIn recent months, several pharmaceutical companies have chosen New Jersey to set up shop, particularly for the development of cancer drugs, including some emerging blockbusters.

Regional pharmaceutical supply chain directors gather in November for 3 day conference in Singapore

October 26th, 2009|

Building on 8 years of success serving the pharmaceutical industry, Worldwide Business Research is proud to launch Logipharma as Asia's only dedicated conference for pharmaceutical supply chain professionals.

Avesthagen forms global Joint Venture with Limagrain in Atash Seeds Private Limited.

October 26th, 2009|

Novel seeds for the challenges of the changing environment.Today, India's leading life sciences company, Avesthagen Limited announced the formation of a joint venture (JV) “Atash Seeds Private Limited” with Limagrain, an international cooperative group.

A 360 Degree Perspective for CEOs to drive Growth, Innovation and Leadership,

October 25th, 2009|

Companies seem to be hesitating in moving ahead as they wait for further improvements in the global economy. However, Frost & Sullivan believes that the best CEOs are already planning how their businesses will take advantage of the growth opportunities presented by the rebound.


October 25th, 2009|

By Dr Vishal Gupta MD, MRCP (UK)Hypoglycemia means low blood sugars usually below 80mg%. It becomes troublesome to the persons who experience them when it goes below 70mg% because important organs like the brain which are dependent on blood sugar for normal functioning start to fail (irritable, nervousness, lightheaded in the milder form of hypoglycemia, mental clouding, coma and death in the severest form). Hypoglycemia must therefore be avoided as far as possible as it is linked to impaired quality of life and increased patient mortality.

Building bones for a healthy nation

October 25th, 2009|

Osteoporosis – the silent disease that’s now making noiseBy Ms. Veenu Hirani, Nutritionist & Fitness ConsultantThe word ‘Osteoporosis’ literally means porous bone, a disease in which the density and the quality of bone is reduced as a result of which they become fragile and subsequently crack or become prone to fracture. The loss of bone occurs silently but progressively and more often than not there are no symptoms until the first fracture occurs. Globally there are over 120 million Osteoporosis patients in the world today – in Europe, America and Japan alone there were an estimated 75 million cases while various expert groups peg the number of osteoporosis patients at approximately 26 million in India alone, with the numbers expected to increase to 36 million by 2013.


October 25th, 2009|

Haemophilia, the once dreaded bleeding disorder has long since ceased to be synonymous with misfortune and doom. The immense resourcefulness and perseverance displayed by researchers worldwide has meant continuously evolving treatment modalities and near normal life spans for Haemophiliacs today. Even though a complete cure still eludes us ,modern medicine has very effective systems in place to manage and effectively treat Haemophilia.

Glaxo enters DMD drugs with Prosena

October 25th, 2009|

A rare genetic disorder, which was bereft of any effective treatment till now, has gained some acceptance by Big Pharma.

NPPA wants generics branding out

October 25th, 2009|

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) is looking at a regulation that will force firms to sell drugs by their generic names and not brand names. This, the regulator believes, will help consumers buy medicines cheaper.

Vitamins boost pharma growth

October 25th, 2009|

Vitamins and minerals are among the drug therapeutic groups showing the fastest growth in sales in the domestic pharmaceutical market over the past year, show data from the research company ORG-IMS.

Dr Reddys net rises 106 percent on cost cuts, higher sales

October 23rd, 2009|

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, India’s second-largest drug maker by sales after Ranbaxy, maintained its revenue growth forecast at 10% for this fiscal, despite pricing pressures in Germany and a shrinking pharma market in Russia.

Sanofi-aventis sees new opportunities in Quebec

October 22nd, 2009|

A North American reorganization at pharmaceutical company Sanofi-aventis could provide its manufacturing operations in Laval with new opportunities.