Abbott has launched  StarClose® SE Vascular Closure System, a next-generation vessel closure device engineered to enable fast, safe and secure closure of the femoral artery access site following a catheterization procedure.

Catheterization is a procedure commonly used to evaluate or treat certain types of disease in vessels of the heart and other parts of the body.  StarClose SE is ergonomically-friendly design features and easy to use as  an intuitive, numbered system, provides  visual guidance and audible "clicks" for each step leading to clip deployment. Patients recover sooner than with manual compression as immediate vessel closure with deployment of a shape-memory clip onto the surface of an artery.

StarClose SE utilizes the same nitinol (nickel and titanium) clip technology as StarClose to close the femoral artery access site after a catheterization procedure. When deployed, the small nitinol clip grasps the tissue on top of the artery around the access site in a purse-string fashion and closes the opening in the femoral artery rapidly and securely with minimal affect to the lumen diameter or the blood flow inside the vessel. StarClose SE is available in the United States and Europe.