New Media Communication Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian media venture with a strong global focus. To connect major wealth creators all around the world is our commitment and making the world a better place to live in through this noble endeavour is our mission. In our role as facilitators to wealth creators, we have taken upon ourselves the crucial task of bringing the top decision-makers and entrepreneurs from different parts of the globe face to face with the official and business community in India through our transcontinental publications.

This vision originated from Satya Swaroop, and it has now found its fruition in the publication of highly informative magazines with the help of a team of open-minded professionals, who have a strong background in business journalism and who believe in the ideal of the “Global Village”. New Media Communication now publishes ten bilateral, transcontinental magazines — Indo-US Business, Indo-Swiss Business, Trade-Links, Indo-LAC Business, Indo-Australian Business, Outsourcing, Indo-Gulf Business, Indo-African Business, and Indo-CIS Business.  These offer an effective innovative platform for the business communities to express their views, explore new opportunities, observe trade and business trends, study the scope of bilateral trade and commerce, identify emerging markets, and thereby contribute to wealth creation and employment generation.

New Media has ventured into online publishing to put the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry as an emerging global leader. “Pharmaquest”  covers News, sector analysis, opportunities, capabilities, FDI, government policies, rules & regulations, associations, emerging markets and database of companies/person associated with the Industry globally.

One of the strong points of New Media is its most favourable and very congenial associations with the national, international, economic and commerce departments of the governments, major media houses and economic fora.


We strongly believe in celebrating the spirit of enterprise, especially that of the shining economies, including that of resurgent India. We wish to position ourselves as enablers of business to participants in the world economy during this crucial period of globalisation. This we propose to do by building up a strong infrastructure of network and interdependence among the transnational trade communities. We seek to improvise our publications and services constantly in tandem with the ever-changing global business scenario so as to enrich our readers and business practitioners with the information most vital for the expansion of their businesses and eventually be recognised as a ‘Total Transcontinental Media Brand.’ We also propose to expand our reach to new economies and promote the great potential hidden therein.


Fortified with a strong sense of efficiency and team spirit, our aim is to build a range of publications, tailored to meet the needs of every ambitious entrepreneur by having a defined content, an identified access point and enabling the printed information to meet its true objective of Creating Wealth, in a manner most sought after in terms of quality and quantity. Connecting people who matter most in global business and assisting them in creating wealth is our mission.


Our objectives are to be a communication platform, generate constant dialogues between different business groups and create an environment conducive to the enhancement of trade and commerce through our transcontinental publications, website, Wealthwire and other forms of new media.


Pharmaquest Portal is dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector covering the latest News, sector analysis, opportunities, capabilities, FDI, government policies, rules & regulations, associations, emerging markets and database of companies/Professionals associated with the Industry world wide.

The portal will act as business communicator to its subscriber members for enabling business information, opportunities, news, views, and analysis. One can share ideas or experiences. It will serve as an ideal platform to advertise your products.

We are working in association with Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) on the three major programmes of Ministry of Commerce i.e. Focus Africa, Focus Latin America Caribbean Region and Focus CIS which are the emerging markets for the Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry.

The unique point of this portal is that the three emerging markets of the Indian Pharma Industry namely Latin America Caribbean Region, CIS & Africa are comprehensively covered. The information will be given in four different languages as English, Spanish and French. The idea is to enable your counterparts from these markets to contact you & transact business.