Avesthagen, a Life Sciences company and its partner Limagrain have launched eco-friendly and biodegradable plastic for the Indian market. This biodegradable plastic is manufactured using a process unique, from whole cereal grains, mainly wheat, maize and a number of specific Limagrain varieties.

This innovative biodegradable plastic is India’s first product aimed to curb white pollution and the hazards of environmental pollution. Alternate biodegradable materials are the need of the hour, to curb the unimaginable pollution caused by way of plastic bags and other plastic films, which stay in our ecology for hundreds of years strangulating cattle and destroying ecology. The products innovation lies in the combination of cereal fractions with a biodegradable polymer.

Unlike the usual non-degradable plastic material, this alternate plastic breaks down and becomes compost in a matter of 120 days in industrial composting conditions under the norm EN13432.