The Consumer Care Division of Bayer HealthCare has achieved the necessary regulatory approvals to complete the acquisition of the Western OTC cough and cold portfolio of Topsun Science and Technology Qidong Gaitianli Pharmaceutical, by Bayer Healthcare Company Limited in China.

Bayer will pay Topsun RMB 1,072 million (approximately $156 million) plus contingent payments of RMB 192 million (approximately $28 million) subject to fulfillment of certain performance criteria.

This acquisition substantially increases Bayer Consumer Care's presence in China, one of the fastest growing OTC markets in the world. The personnel and assets related to the acquired business, including the Gaitianli manufacturing facility in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, and a national sales force and distribution network associated with the brands will transfer to Bayer Healthcare Company and operate within the Consumer Care Division.

The cough & cold portfolio of Topsun includes White and Black, a leading brand in an important consumer healthcare category, and will allow Bayer to compete more effectively in the OTC arena in China. Increased marketing and selling investments will not only strengthen the acquired brands, but will also have a positive impact on Bayer’s existing OTC portfolio.