BioSyent Inc. has established a new Hospital Products Division focused on licensing or acquiring pharmaceutical products used primarily in a hospital setting, and marketing those products across Canada.

The Hospital Products Division of BioSyent Pharma Inc. has licensed Ciprofloxacin Injection, an anti-bacterial agent, for the Canadian market. Ciprofloxacin Injection is a generic equivalent to CIPRO I.V. Minibags 2mg/ml from Bayer Inc. on which the remaining patents expired recently.

BioSyent Pharma has launched Ciprofloxacin Injection to the Canadian market and has secured its first supply contract and order for the product.

BioSyent Inc. continues to concentrate on its pharmaceutical strategy to source products that have been successfully developed and proven to be safe and effective; manage these products through the regulatory process and product registration (approval); and once approved, market these products in Canada. These pharmaceuticals will compete in both the branded and generic market segments and will not require further product development investment other than regulatory costs.