After bagging a contract from Clinton Foundation for supplying a low cost artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) for Malaria in July, the Mumbai-based active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer, Calyx Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd is planning to enter into manufacturing APIs for HIV/AIDS treatment.

The company, which is an approved supplier for World Health Organisation (WHO) for anti tubercular and anti malarial drugs, is planning to launch two to three products by the end of 2009, as a preliminary step. The products, the first line drugs for HIV/AIDS will be mainly for Clinton foundation's globally funded HIV supporting programmes, according to Smitesh Shah, chairman and managing director, Calyx Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The company is one of the global leaders in manufacturing anti tubercular ingredient, pyrazinamide, and one among the top three suppliers of microlides. Though the market for antitubercular drug records a stable growth of merely 5-10 per cent, the company see a huge potential for the ingredient as the Clinton Foundation supports the anti tuberculosis projects worldwide.

With placing itself in the supply chain of three of the top global pharmaceutical manufacturers, the company is also planning to add another five major companies in its client list for supply of APIs and intermediates in the current financial year. "We cannot have more than eight companies in strategic relationship as our primary goal is customer satisfaction and more number of clients. We will provide technology innovation in the field of engineering for our clients and will support their research projects through our newly expanded R&D centre," said Shah.

The company, which has shifted its operations to the newly built R&D centre spreading 40,000 sq ft area in Mumbai, is planning to further invest 50 per cent in R&D in next three years considering the high growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry and the API sector.

Calyx is also aggressive in pursuing Drug Master Filings (DMFs) with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is planning to file 10 DMFs in the current financial year. The company targets to file 10 to 12 DMFs every year in the next few years. Foreseeing the rapid DMF filings, the company will have 10 to 15 products in its newly built R&D centre at Mumbai, he added. The company is looking forward to build a strong foothold in Intellectual Property by filing 8 to 10 IPs with emphasis on environment friendly patterns every year. At present, Calyx has 8 patents in its kitty.