US-based Commonwealth Biotechnologies (CBI) has entered into a global strategic alliance with New Zealand Pharmaceuticals (NZP) to provide a suite of small molecule chemistry products for the drug discovery and development market.

The alliance will focus on providing glycoltherapeutic products and services for research through to process scale-up and commercialization by way of an exclusive referral and co-marketing arrangement. The alliance aims at enhancing the product offering of both companies by offering customers a full package of drug discovery, development and production services. 

CBI, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Exelgen, will provide customers with research grade products and services, and NZP will supply customers with identified lead candidates for pre-clinical applications through to cGMP products for clinical and therapeutic applications.

The CBI/NZP co-branded drug development services will be jointly marketed and promoted to the customer bases of both companies and to the broader pharmaceutical and biotechnology market.