ImageThe Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS), the research body under the Department of Ayush to find new inroads on Indian Systems of Medicines (ISM), will soon launch a national research database with comprehensive information on the research in the traditional medicines.

The research database, which is under preparation by the council, is an effort to collect and comprehend the information of all the research projects underway in various parts of the country. The database will consist of research details in Ayurveda, Siddha, pharmacology, pharmaceutical sciences, medicinal plant cultivation related projects and related fields pertaining to Indian Systems of Medicine, informed Dr G S Lavekar, Director, CCRAS.

"The database and the extracts of the research project already completed will be published online under the programme. We have already collected more than 7000 research abstracts and the database will be launched by the Department of Ayush authority soon," said Dr Lavekar.

The aim is to build up an authentic research information database on the traditional medicines segment to help the researchers, academicians, pharmaceutical industry and students.

Further, as the part of its efforts to ensure better health for the population in the country through ISM applications, the council is also initiating a national campaign on control of anaemia in various parts of India.

The council has selected two standard classical formulations, Dhathri Loha and Annabhedi sinduram, to prescribe in the project after testing people in district, state and national level. The programme, designed and executed with the support of Department of Ayush, will be initiated in 10 major states in next three months.

As reported, the council is also currently in the process of initiating clinical trials on its various new formulations including Ayush QOL 2-c, a plant-based herbal formulation to support Cancer treatment and Ayush Manas, a formulation developed by CCRAS for mental retardation in children.