The Human Pappliomavirus Vaccine (HPV) that can stall the onset of the second most common form of cancer among women in India – cervical cancer has yet to reach Indian shores  which was launched in the United States after two years ago.


The Human Pappliomavirus Vaccine (HPV), however, does not come cheap. Three doses have to be taken, each costing $ 150 (Rs 6000). The efficacy rate is around 70 percent.

"The chances of success of the vaccine are about 70 percent. The rest depends on the individual's food habits, sexual activity and tobacco use," said Dr A B D. Aziz Yahya, gynaecological oncologist, Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, Malaysia. "So far, no side effects have been observed."

More than 130,000 new cases-roughly one-fourth of the global total- of cervical cancer are  reported in India every year. Only breast cancer has a higher incidence. An estimated 74,000 Indian women die annually from the disease.