ImageCLC bio just launched their new enterprise level product line, consisting of CLC Science Server and CLC Genomics Server.

With CLC Genomics Server, CLC bio releases the world's first user-friendly, cross-platform, three-tier enterprise solution with high-performance computing based analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data. The enterprise solution consists of CLC bio's workbench clients and web clients for the individual users, a database for data management, and a powerful server for carrying out heavy calculations and integrating with the customer's own or 3rd party tools.

Justin Johnson, Bioinformatics Manager at the J. Craig Venter Institute, states, "We have worked with the beta-version of CLC Genomics Server for several months now and are impressed with the concepts, flexibility and responsiveness of the CLC customer support and development teams. Given CLC bio's ambitious plans for future development, CLC Genomics Server, combined with CLC Genomics Workbench should provide the enterprise level solution we need."

Mikael Flensborg, Director of Enterprise Solutions at CLC bio, continues, "As a part of our development process, I have had numerous meetings and conference calls with companies and major research organizations in USA, Europe, and Asia. I'm amazed how similar the bioinformatics platform needs of these organizations are, and I'm happy that we have developed a very strong three-tier server solution which is able to handle those needs!”