Competitive Technologies has signed an agreement with Excel Life Sciences granting them exclusive distribution rights in India for the company's pain management therapy device. 

Competitive Technologies's (CTT) pain device is a non-invasive method for rapid treatment of high-intensity oncologic and neuropathic pain, including pain resistant to morphine and other drugs. The EU's medical device CE certification allows the device to be registered for sales in India.

CTT has filed for the FDA 510(k) medical device authorization for US sales, as well as seeking approval for sales in other countries. CTT is currently in the process of selecting distributors from a targeted list of companies representing the US and global markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Vijay Kumar, president and chief medical officer of Excel Life Sciences, said: "We expect this pain management device to usher in a paradigm shift in perception and treatment of pain. This device will go a long way in reducing dependence on narcotic analgesics, and improving quality of life for millions of patients."