Legal IQ, a division of IQPC, is organizing an interactive two-day conference, "Optimising Pharmaceutical Patent Lifecycles," in London, on April 29, 2008

The conference will focus on how to maximize product revenues and yet avoid anti-competitive issues through strategic patent lifecycle management.

The conference will cover hot topics such as

  • How to maintain a competitive advantage by integrating legal and commercial strategies to extend product lifecycles
  • How to update patent strategies by assessing the implications of current US and European case law,
  • How to prevent competition law violations and
  • How to maximize the commercial value of patents by strategically managing the interplay between generics and innovators

The focus will be on building a commercially sound patent lifecycle management strategy and reassessing the impact that patent practices have on competition law positions in Europe and the US.

The conference is specifically designed to answer pressing questions from top figures at EPO, UK IPO, Indian PO and USPTO, provide practical lessons in how to apply the key patent lifecycle extension strategies, and ensure that attendees maximise the efficiency of potential collaborations between innovators and generics.